Hilarious, brassy, and surprisingly touching, VICTOR/VICTORIA is a sophisticated musical comedy based on the acclaimed movie from director Blake Edwards. In jazz-age Paris, singer Victoria Grant struggles to make ends meet. With some help from her flamboyant friend Toddy, Victoria ultimately achieves stardom by masquerading as a man, “Count Victor Grazinski,” who performs as a female impersonator. When macho businessman King Marchan develops feelings for “Victor” and Victoria reciprocates, comic hijinks ensue.

Musical numbers include “Le Jazz Hot,” “You and Me,” “Almost a Love Song,” “Trust Me,” “Living in the Shadows,” “Paris By Night” and “Crazy World.”

Music samples provided courtesy of Polygram Records, Henry Mancini Enterprises and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

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  • Act I

    Carroll Todd (“Toddy” to his friends) is tenuously employed as the resident performer at Henri Labisse’s Left Bank gay club, Chez Lui. Toddy and Les Boys entertain the small but appreciative audience (“Paris By Night”). Toddy insults a group of customers, which includes his ex-boyfriend Richard. Labisse threatens to fire him. A penniless English soprano, Victoria Grant, auditions unsuccessfully for Labisse. Toddy tries to help, but Labisse rejects her and fires him. Toddy befriends Victoria, and offers her shelter from the wet wintry night in his tiny apartment. They become instant buddies and confidantes. Toddy wishes he were a woman, like Victoria, while Victoria believes that there are far more advantages to being a man (“If I Were A Man”).

    Richard, the ex-boyfriend, arrives at Toddy’s unexpectedly to collect his things. Victoria is by now wearing his hat and pajamas. Richard mistakenly thinks she is Toddy’s new boyfriend and insults Toddy. Victoria punches Richard and kicks him out. Toddy is impressed. Richard actually thought Victoria was a man! And at that moment The Inspired Idea strikes Toddy right between the eyes. Why not? Victoria could indeed be a man – Europe’s greatest female impersonator! Victoria says he’s crazy. Toddy pursues his argument, and dreams up Count Victor Grazinsky – a gay Polish aristocrat and Toddy’s new lover (“Trust Me”). “It will work,” he assures Victoria. “It will not!” says Victoria. They’ll never accept a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman! – “They’ll know he’s a phony!” “Exactly,” says Toddy. “They’ll know he’s a phony!”

    Toddy drags the reluctant Victoria to meet Andre Cassell, Paris’s leading impresario, who is dubious about “Count Victor Grazinsky” until he hears “him” hit a glass-shattering high G-flat. “Victor” is in business.

    “Le Jazz Hot!” introduces Victor to Paris café society. His show-stopping performance at once makes him the toast of Gay Paree. The only doubter of Victor’s authenticity is a dashing American business-man – cum gangster figure, King Marchan, visiting Paris with his brassy girlfriend Norma and his loyal bodyguard Squash. King is convinced Victor is a woman, and determined to prove it. At Cassell’s opening night party for Victor, King invites Victor to tango with Norma, hoping to prove his point (The “Paris By Night” Tango). Victor’s tango is a sensation. Norma is thrilled. King is thwarted, and starts to doubt himself. He finds Victor attractive as a woman…but what if he’s a man?

    By an unwelcome coincidence, King and Norma and Squash find themselves in the adjoining hotel suite to the newly successful Toddy and Victor. Norma tries to seduce King (“Paris Makes Me Horny”). She succeeds only in making him impotent. Next door, Victoria bemoans to Toddy that in King she thinks she has finally found the man of her dreams, but here she is trying to convince him that she is a man, too! (“Crazy World”).

    Act II

    Victor continues to take Paris audiences by storm (“Louis Says”). Norma complains to Victor and Toddy that King is shipping her back to Chicago because he fancies Victor – a man! King confronts his doubts about himself and Victor (“King’s Dilemma”). Is it possible that he, King, is falling for a man? He invites Victor and Toddy to dinner to try and find out. After dinner they visit Chez Lui, where Labisse also has his suspicions that Victor is a woman. He invites her/him to sing. Victor and Toddy oblige (“You and Me”). Richard’s group arrives noisily in mid-song. Victor trips Richard and starts a major brawl in the club. The police arrive to break it up. Outside the club, King says he doesn’t care if Victor is a man, and kisses him. Victoria admits she’s not a man. King says he still doesn’t care, and kisses her again (Reprise: “Paris By Night”).

    Back in the hotel, Squash barges into King’s bedroom and finds King and Victor in bed together: He apologizes profusely: “Sorry, guys!” King tries to explain. Squash admires King for coming out of the closet, and stuns his boss by revealing that he, too, is gay!
    Victor and King examine their potential problems if they are perceived publicly as two men. It won’t work (“Almost a Love Song”).

    Back in Chicago, Norma is performing in a night club (“Chicago, Illinois”). She informs King’s gangster partner, Sal Andretti, that King has dumped her for another man – and is living with “a gay Polish fairy.” Sal is aghast, and says they’re all going to Europe.
    Two weeks later, Toddy and Squash have become happy partners. Not so for King and Victoria, unable to be seen together in public (“Living in the Shadows”). Victoria tells Toddy she doesn’t want to be a man anymore. Toddy understands. Neither does he.

    Sal and the spurned Norma arrive in Paris. King admits he loves “Victor,” keeping the secret. Sal, disgusted, ends their business relationship. Victoria reveals herself to Norma as a woman. Norma is horrified. Labisse witnesses this moment of naked truth. Victoria is horrified. Toddy tells her not to worry. “Trust me!” Dissolve to Victor’s farewell appearance (“Victor/Victoria”). Labisse tries to expose him/her as a fraud. Toddy, thrilled to be back in drag, replaces Victoria in a blink, to thwart Labisse and leave the way clear for a happy ending for our two loving couples: King and Victoria, and Toddy and Squash.

    – Leslie Bricusse                  


    Book by                          Music by                   Lyrics by

    Additional Music by Frank Wildhorn

    Originally produced on Broadway by Blake Edwards, Tony Adams,
    John Scher, Endemol Theatre Productions, Inc.,
    Polygram Broadway Ventures, Inc.

    Based on the theatrical motion picture
    owned and distributed by Turner Entertainment Co.

    The size of the billing given to Henry Mancini, Blake Edwards, Leslie Bricusse and Frank Wildhorn (hereafter the “Authors”) and Turner Entertainment Co., (hereafter “TEC”) and the entities comprising the producer (hereafter collectively the “Producer”) shall be the same and shall in no event be less than fifty percent (50%) of the type size used for the title of the Play. No billing shall appear in type larger or more prominently than the billing to the Authors, TEC and the Producer, except for the title of the Play and only stars billed above the title may receive billing as large or prominent as the Authors, TEC and the Producer. No billing box may be used. No person or entity (including, without limitation, the Licensee) shall be accorded possessory credit (i.e., “Director’s Production Of” or “Producer’s Production Of”) with the title of the Play. The billing for the Authors, TEC and the Producer shall appear immediately following the title of the Play.

    The title page of the program shall contain the following announcement in type size at least one-half the size of the authors’ credits:

    is presented by arrangement with
    Tams-Witmark, A Concord Theatricals Company

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  • Full Orchestration

    1 Reed I: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet & Soprano Sax
    1 Reed II: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet & Alto Sax
    1 Reed III: Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet & Tenor Sax
    1 Reed IV: Clarinet, English Horn, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Sax
    1 Reed V: Bassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Baritone Sax

    1 Trumpet I (doubling Flugelhorn)
    1 Trumpet II (doubling Flugelhorn)
    1 Trumpet III (doubling Flugelhorn)
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II (Bass Trombone)

    1 Percussion:

    Timpani (real & KAT)
    Marimba (or Xylo.)
    Cymbals (5″, 7″, splash, susp.)
    Gong (large)
    Mark Tree
    Tubular Shaker
    Temple Blocks (4)
    Hand-cranked Siren
    Slide Whistle
    Triangles (piccolo, large)
    Cowbells (high & bass)
    Gran Cassa
    Wood Block
    Castanet (mounted)
    Siren Whistle

    1 Drums
    Basic Trap Set, Splash & China Cymbals, Wood Block, Cowbell & Piccolo Triangle

    1 Guitar
    1 Accordion (with bass accordion and synth; in 2 volumes)
    1 Keyboard (in 2 volumes)

    2 Violins
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass

    Piano-Conductor’s Score (2 volumes) Sent With Rehearsal Material

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Principals:

    *Toddy [Carroll Todd] – the nightly singer at the club Chez Lui
    *Victor/Victoria Grant – a British singer
    *King Marchan – a nightclub owner/gangster from Chicago
    *Norma Cassidy – King’s girlfriend
    *Squash Bernstein – King’s bodyguard

    Henri Labisse – proprietor of Chez Lui
    André Cassell – agent/producer and nightclub owner
    Sal Andretti – King’s partner of the Chicago Speakeasy

    Non-Singing Roles:

    Richard Di Nardo – Toddy’s former roommate (Act I, Scenes 1 & 2; Act II, Scene 4)
    Middle-Aged Actress [Simone Kallisto] (Act I, Scene 1)
    Cosmetics President (Act I, Scene 1; Act II, Scene 4)
    Gregor – a waiter at Chez Lui (Act I, Scene 1; Act II, Scene 4)
    Choreographer at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 3)
    Miss Selmer – Cassell’s personal secretary dragon (Act I, Scene 3)
    Stagehand at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 3)
    4 Reporters (Act I, Scene 3)
    4 Guests [2 women & 2 men] backstage at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 5)
    Wealthy Middle-Aged Woman backstage at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 5)
    Waiter backstage at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 5)
    Policeman (Act II, Scene 4)
    Clam, Sal’s henchman (Act II, Scenes 7 & 8)
    Juke, Sal’s other henchman (Act II, Scenes 7 & 8)

    Non-Speaking Roles:

    Piano Player at Chez Lui (Act I, Scene 1; Act II, Scene 4)
    Deviant Husband (Act I, Scene 1; Act II, Scene 4)
    Madame Roget at Chez Lui (Act I, Scene 1; Act II, Scene 4)
    Rehearsal Pianist at Cassell’s (Act I, Scene 3)
    *Jazz Singer at Cassell’s Paris nightclub (Act I, Scene 4)
    Maitre D’ at Left Bank Café (Act I, Scene 6)
    Chambermaid at a Paris Hotel (Act II, Scene 3)
    Gay Man at Chez Lui (Act II, Scene 4)
    *Flower Lady [Street Singer] in a Paris square (Act II, Scene 5)

    Dancers, “Le Jazz Hot” Musicians/Dancers, Street Passersby, Nightclub Patrons, Party Guests

    *Principal vocal roles

  • VICTOR/VICTORIA opened on Broadway, October 3, 1995 and played for 734 performances at the Marquis Theatre starring Julie Andrews, Michael Nouri and Tony Roberts.

    Awards (1996)

    2 Drama Desk Awards for Actress and Featured Actress
    2 Outer Critics Circle Awards for Broadway Musical and Actress

  • Act I

    1. Overture/Paris By Night – Orchestra/Toddy
    2. Chez Lui Piano I – Orchestra
    3. “There’s A Fairy Who Hides In My Garden” – Victoria
    4. You’re Fired – Orchestra
    5. Lead On Macduff II – Orchestra
    6. “If I Were A Man” – Victoria
    7. “Trust Me” — Toddy & Victoria
    8. Cassell’s – Orchestra
    9. “Le Jazz Hot” – Victor, Jazz Singer, Musicians, & Ensemble
    10. Jazz Hot Playoff – Orchestra
    11. Party Music – Orchestra
    12. Toddy’s Turn — Orchestra
    13. Jazz Hot Foxtrot – Orchestra
    14. Tango – Orchestra
    15. Tango Tag S.C. – Orchestra
    16. “Paris Makes Me Horny” – Norma
    17. Crazy World – Victoria

    Act II

    18. Entr’acte – Orchestra
    19. “Louis Says” – Victor & Ensemble
    20. Louis Says – Chaser – Orchestra
    21. Horny Exit – Orchestra
    22. “King’s Dilemma” – King
    23. Cat and Mouse – Orchestra
    24. The Apache – Orchestra
    25. Chez Lui Piano II – Orchestra
    26. Piano Hot Intro – Orchestra
    27. “You And Me” – Toddy & Victor
    28. The Fight – Orchestra
    29. Reprise: “Paris By Night” – Flower Lady
    30. “Almost A Love Song” – King & Victor
    31. Love Song BG – Orchestra
    32. Chicago Scene Change – Orchestra
    33. “Chicago, Illinois” – Norma & Girls
    34. Chicago Playoff – Orchestra
    35. Paris Scene Change – Orchestra
    36. “Living In The Shadows” – Victoria
    37. Reprise: “Living in the Shadows” – Victoria
    38. Victor Victoria Intro – Orchestra
    39. “Victor/Victoria” – Victoria, King, Toddy, Squash, & Ensemble
    40. Bows – Orchestra
    41. Exit Music – Orchestra

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