Very Good Eddie


The title character of VERY GOOD EDDIE is a very short man, newly married to the extremely tall Georgina. As they honeymoon aboard a Hudson River day liner to the Catskills, they encounter a very tall athlete named Percy and his new wife, the diminutive Elsie. When the couples accidentally trade partners, chaos ensues.

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Photos courtesy of Goodspeed Musicals

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  • Eddie Kettle is a very short young man. He is newly married to Georgina, who is spectacularly tall. They honeymoon aboard a Hudson River Day Line. Also on board: Percy Darling, an athlete, who is spectacularly tall, and his new wife, Elsie (very, very short). Chaos ensues when two honeymooning couples cross paths and trade partners… accidentally. The vaudeville adventure continues while the mismatched couples find their way to each other and somehow, true love prevails.

    Book by Guy Bolton and Philip Bartholomae
    Music by Jerome Kern
    Lyrics by Schuyler Green and Herbert Reynolds
    Additional lyrics by Elsie Janis, Harry B. Smith and John E. Hazzard
    Additional music by Henry Kailimai

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  • Full Orchestration

    2 Violin I
    1 Violin II
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass
    1 Flute
    1 Clarinet
    1 Trumpet
    1 Trombone
    1 Percussion:
    Snare Drum
    Bass Drum & Cymbal
    Suspended Cymbal
    Wood Block
    Bells & Timpani (2 Pedal Drums)
    Pit orchestra Piano, Celeste
    Stage Piano
    Cue for Stage Banjo
    (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material).

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Elsie Lilly — A voice student and former sweetheart of Eddie

    Lily Pond — Voice student; one of the Girls
    Crystal Poole — Voice student; one of the Girls
    Carrie Closewell — Voice student; one of the Girls
    Alwys Innit — Voice student; one of the Girls

    Madame Matroppo — Voice teacher

    Dick Rivers — College chum of Eddie and Percy

    Georgina Kettle — Newlywed
    Eddie Kettle — Newlywed

    Elsie Darling — Newlywed
    Percy Darling — Newlywed

    Frenchman — L.C. de Rougemont

    Ship Steward & Hotel Clerk — (Played by the same actor)

    Ship Passenger

  • VERY GOOD EDDIE opened on Broadway at the Princess Theatre, December 23, 1915 and was later transferred to a variety of other theaters. It played for a total of 341 performances starring Ernest Truex as the title character, Helen Raymond as his wife, and with John Willard and Alice Dovey as Percy and Elsie. In 1975, the show was revived at the Goodspeed Opera and later transferred to the Booth Theatre on Broadway, where it played for 304 performances starring Charles Repole, Virginia Seidel, James Harder and Travis Hudson.

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