Two Gentlemen of Verona


Based on William Shakespeare’s comedy of the same name, TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA tells the story of lifelong friends Proteus and Valentine, who leave their rural hometown to experience life in urban Milan. Valentine falls in love with Sylvia, whose father has betrothed her against her will to the wealthy but undesirable Thurio, and plots to win her hand. Disregarding his loyalty to Valentine and his hometown sweetheart, Julia, Proteus also sets his sights on Sylvia. He plans to expose his friend’s intentions to her father, have Valentine banished from Milan, and claim her for himself.

Music samples provided courtesy of Decca Records and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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  • Bachelor friends Valentine and Proteus compete for the loves of Silvia and then Julia before being paired with their rightful mates in Galt MacDermot, John Guare and Mel Shapiro’s musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s comedy.

    Adapted by John Guare & Mel Shapiro
    Lyrics by John Guare
    Music by Galt MacDermot
    Based on the play by William Shakespeare
    Presented on Broadway by the New York Shakespeare Festival,
    produced by Joseph Papp
    Original Broadway Production directed by Mel Shapiro
    Orchestrations by Galt MacDermot and Harold Wheeler

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  • Instrumentation: 13 Parts

    1 Bass (Electric and Upright)
    1 Guitars I & II (Electric, Classical & Stage Guitar)
    2 Drums/Percussion
    Drums: Trap Drum Set
    Percussion: Conga Drum, Cabasa, Tambourine, Timpani, Cow Bell & Suspended Cymbal

    1 Reed: Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone

    2 Trumpet I & I
    1 Trumpet III
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II

    * Violin I & II (1 player doubles Mandolin and stage Marimba)
    * Viola
    * Cello

    * String Quartet players should double on various percussion instruments ad libitum at the
    discretion of the conductor.

    Piano-Celeste (Piano-Conductor’s score sent with rehearsal material).

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Thurio Betrothed to Silvia
    Speed Servant/friend to Valentine
    Valentine Gentleman of Verona, lover of Silvia
    Proteus Gentleman of Verona, lover of Julia
    Julia (Sebastian) Lover of Proteus
    Lucetta (Caesario) Servant/friend to Julia
    Launce Servant/friend to Proteus
    Antonio Father of Proteus
    Duke of Milan Father of Silvia
    Silvia Daughter of the Duke who’s hand is sought by Thurio, Eglamour,
    Proteus & Valentine
    Eglamour Lover of Silvia whom the Duke sent to war
    Crab Launce’s dog
    Citizens of Verona & Milan

  • TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA opened on Broadway at the St. James Theatre, December 1, 1971 and played for 614 performances starring Raul Julia, Clifton Davis, Jonelle Allen and Diana Davila.

    AWARDS (1972)

    2 Tony Awards for Book and Musical
    7 Drama Desk Awards for Book, Choreography, Lyrics, Music, Costume Design, Director and Outstanding Performance.

  • Act I

    1. “Summer Summer” – Chorus
    2. “I Love My Father” – Chorus
    3. “That’s a Very Interesting Question” – Proteus
    4. “I’d Like To Be A Rose” – Proteus, Valentine & Chorus
    5. “Thou Hast Metamorphosed Me” (Part I) – Proteus
    6. “Symphony” – Proteus & Chorus
    7. “I Am Not Interested In Love” – Julia
    8. “Love, Is That You?” – Thurio & a Soprano
    9. “Thou Hast Metamorphosed Me” (Part II) – Julia & Chorus
    10. “What Does A Lover Pack?” – Julia, Proteus & Chorus
    11. “Pearls” – Launce
    12. Reprise: “I Love My Father” – Proteus
    13. “Two Gentlemen of Verona” – Julia, Lucetta & Women
    14. “Follow The Rainbow” – Valentine, Speed, Proteus, Launce, Lucetta & Chorus
    15. “Where’s North?” – Valentine, Speed, Duke & Chorus
    16. “Bring All The Boys Back Home” – Duke & Chorus
    16a. “Who Is Silvia?” – Silvia & Valentine
    17. “Love’s Revenge” – Valentine
    18. “To Whom It May Concern Me” – Silvia & Valentine
    19. “Night Letter” – Silvia & Valentine
    19a. Underscore: Thou Hast Metamorphosed Me – Orchestra
    20. Reprise: “Love’s Revenge” – Valentine, Speed, Launce & Proteus
    21. “Calla Lily Lady” – Proteus
    22. Act I Curtain – Orchestra

    Act II

    23. Entr’acte – Orchestra
    24. “I Come From The Land Of Betrayal” – Lucetta
    25. “Thurio’s Samba” – Thurio, Duke & Chorus
    25a. Thurio’s Exit – Orchestra
    26. “Hot Lover” – Launce & Speed
    27. “What A Nice Idea” – Julia & Chorus
    28. Reprise: “Who Is Silvia?” – Proteus & Chorus
    29. “Love Me” – Silvia & Chorus
    30. “Eglamour” – Silvia & Eglamour
    31. “Kidnapped” – Duke, Proteus, Thurio, Julia, Lucetta & Chorus
    32. Reprise: “Eglamour” – Eglamour & Silvia
    33. “Howl” – Valentine
    33a. “Eglamour” (Acappella) – Silvia & Eglamour
    34. “What’s A Nice Girl Like Her?” – Proteus
    35. Dragon Fight – Orchestra
    36. “Don’t Have The Baby” – Lucetta, Speed, Launce & Julia
    37. Reprise: “Love, Is That You?” – Lucetta & Thurio
    38. “Milkmaid” – Launce & Milkmaid
    39. Finale: “Love Has Driven Me Sane” – Full Company
    40. Exit Music – Orchestra

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