Victor Herbert’s comic operetta takes place in the fictitious kingdom of Zilinia. The tale of a secret princess, a dashing prince, a sleazy politician, and a military Lothario combines humor, music, and romance as only a classic operetta can.

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  • Mikel Mikeloviz, disguised as a monk, transports Princess Jeanne, the infant daughter of King René of the little kingdom of Zilinia, to Bruges to wait in safety during the war. Dame Paula runs the Laundry of the White Geese and is known as Mother Goose. Mikel gives the princess to Paula in secret to raise as her own daughter under the name of Sylvia. Paula later has six daughters of her own who help her run the laundry. Their father has been at war for ten years.

    Twnety-two years later, the people are demanding the restoration of a monarchy. Mikel is conspiring to restore Princess Jeanne to the throne, which is about to be offered to Prince Franz, the heir presumptive. Franz, while traveling in disguise, has fallen in love with Sylvia. But Sylvia, who does not know that she is really a princess, is betrothed to Lieutenant Karl, a military Lothario. A sleazy politician, disguised as Paula’s battle-scarred husband, tries to ensnare one of the two apparently adopted daughters as the bride for Prince Franz, but he does not know whether the real adopted daughter is the scheming Liane or the sweet Sylvia. Mikel’s plans are hindered by the schemes of three villains. Mikel also mistakes Liane, a milliner who has sought temporary employment in the Laundry of the White Geese, for the lost princess. After all the complications are combed out, Franz and Sylvia marry, vowing to rule together.

    An Operetta in Two Acts
    Music by Victor Herbert
    Lyrics by Robert B. Smith
    Book by Harry B. Smith & Fred De Gresac

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  • Instrumentation: 14 Parts

    2 Violin I
    1 Violin II
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass

    2 Flute I & II (Flute II doubles Piccolo)
    1 Oboe
    2 Clarinet I & II
    1 Bassoon

    2 Horn I & II
    2 Trumpet I & II
    1 Trombone

    1 Percussion

    (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material).
    (There is no piano in the orchestration).

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book for Director
    17     Dialogue Parts
    25     Chorus Parts (14 Soprano/Alto; 11 Tenor/Bass)
    5       Vocal Scores for Principal Characters

  • Sylvia as an infant, she is found in a Tulip Garden one morning by
    Dame Paula who conducts the laundry of “The White Geese” and who is known as
    “Mother Goose”. Sylvia is brought up as the daughter of Paula, although
    the latter has six daughters of her own
    Lizette )
    Clairette )
    Babette )
    Jeanette ) known as The White Geese
    Toinette )
    Nanette )
    Mikel Mikelovitz who, to the laundry comes disguised as a monk, left Sylvia when an
    infant In Dame Paula’s care. Knowing that Sylvia is the Crown Princess of
    the little kingdom of Zilania, Mikel is conspiring to restore her to the
    throne, which is about to be offered to
    Franz the Heir Presumptive, who, traveling incognito, has fallen in love with
    Sylvia and who finds a rival in
    Lietuenant Karl a military Lothario, betrothed to Sylvia. Mikel’s plans are endangered by
    the schemes of
    Hon. Percy Algernon Slingsby
    Petrus Van Tromp
    Aristide Caniche who wish to purchase, for their own purposes, Prince Franz’s estates in
    Liane a milliner, has sought temporary employment in Laundry of “The White
    Geese” and is mistaken by Mikel and Slingsby for the lost Princess.
    Captain Lourent
    First and Second Footman

    Ladies of the Court, Laundry Girls, Peasants, Soldiers, etc., etc.

  • SWEETHEARTS opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre, September 8, 1913, then moved to the Liberty Theatre, and played for a total of 136 performances starring Christie MacDonald and Thomas Conkey.

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