Stop the World — I Want to Get Off


STOP THE WORLD – I WANT TO GET OFF is a thought-provoking tale about the fleeting nature of worldly success. In a circus-like world, the hero – an Everyman character named Littlechap – is born, grows up, faces life’s many challenges, and ultimately makes a choice celebrating the perpetual cycle of life.

The tuneful score by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse includes the hit songs “What Kind of Fool Am I?,” “Once In A Lifetime,” and “Gonna Build A Mountain.”

Music samples provided courtesy of Jay Records and TRO-Ludlow Music, Inc.

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  • In a kaleidoscopic, circus-like world, tiny clownish Littlechap is born. He goes through school, finds work as a tea-boy, and struggles to make his way in life. One day, while traveling on the bus, he falls in love with Evie, his boss’s daughter. When they discover Evie is pregnant, Littlechap and Evie get married. Saddled with the responsibilities of a family, Littlechap manages to get a job in his father-in-law’s factory.

    Littlechap moves up the business ladder, becoming the manager of his office, and he and his wife have another daughter. Still, Littlechap longs for a son. Despite his career success, he grows increasingly dissatisfied with his life, and he pursues several different women in his business travels—Russian official Anya, German domestic Ilse, and American cabaret singer Ginnie—in a futile quest for satisfaction.

    Over time, Littlechap becomes rich and successful, and is elected to public office. But life still seems to have moved too quickly for him, and he remains unsatisfied. In his old age, Littlechap looks back on his life in a fleeting parade of memories, and he realizes that what he always had—the love of his wife— was more than enough to sustain him. Sadly, Evie dies before Littlechap can make amends.

    Littlechap begins writing his memoirs, and finally comes to terms with his own selfishness. At the moment of his death, he watches his daughter Jane give birth to a son. When the boy nearly dies, Littlechap intervenes, and allows Death to take him instead. Littlechap mimes his own birth, and the life cycle begins once again.

    Book, Music and Lyrics by
    Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley
    Produced for the Broadway stage by
    David Merrick in association with Bernard Delfont

    Such credits to the authors for all purposes shall be in type size equal to or greater than that of any other credits except for that of the star(s) above the title. In the programs, the credits shall appear on the title page thereof.

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  • Full Orchestration

    1 Bass

    1 Reed I: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
    1 Reed II: Flute , Clarinet & Alto Saxophone
    1 Reed III: Clarinet , Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
    1 Reed IV: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone
    1 Reed V: Bassoon

    1 Horn
    2 Trumpet I & II
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II
    2 Percussion I & II

    Snare Drum (Brushes & Sticks)
    Bass Drum
    Cymbals (Suspended & Hi-Hat)
    Tom Toms (3 Pitches)
    Cow Bell
    Wood Block
    Slide Whistle
    Finger Cymbals
    Gong (Tam Tam)
    Temple Blocks

    Timpani (3 Drums)
    Finger Cymbals
    Auto Horn
    Wood Block
    Hand Cymbals

    Piano (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.)

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Littlechap
    Evie (Also Anya, Ilse and Ginnie)
    Chorus of Seven Girls

  • STOP THE WORLD – I WANT TO GET OFF opened at the Queen’s Theatre, London, where it played for 485 performances. On Broadway, it played for 555 performances at the Shubert and Ambassador Theatres starring Anthony Newley and Anna Quayle.

    AWARDS (1963)

    The Tony Award for best featured actress in a musical (Anna Quayle).

  • Act I

    1. “The ABC Song” – Chorus
    2. “I Wanna Be Rich” – Littlechap
    3. “Typically English” – Evie
    3a. Machine Music – Orchestra
    3b. Wedding March – Orchestra   
    4. “Lumbered” – Littlechap
    4a. “Susan’s Birth” – Chorus  
    4b. “Lumbered” (Reprise) – Littlechap & Evie
    4c. Machine Music/Interview 2 – Orchestra
    5. “Welcome to Sludgepool” – Chorus
    5a. Sludgepool/Machine Music – Orchestra
    6. “Gonna Build a Mountain” – Littlechap & Chorus
    6a. “Jane’s Birth” – Chorus  
    6b. “Gonna Build a Mountain” (Reprise) – Littlechap & Chorus
    6c. Interview 3 – Orchestra  
    6d. “Gonna Build A Mountain” (2nd Reprise) – Littlechap & Chorus
    6e. Moscow Music – Orchestra
    7. “Glorious Russian” – Anya & Chorus
    8. “Meilinki Meilchik” – Littlechap, Anya & Chorus
    9. “Family Fugue” – Littlechap, Evie, Susan & Jane
    9a. Interview 4 – Orchestra
    10. “Typische Deutsche” – Ilse
    10a. Factory Mime – Orchestra
    10b. “Family Fugue” (Reprise) – Littlechap & Evie
    11. “Nag Nag Nag” – Littlechap, Evie, Susan, Jane & Chorus
    11a. “Typische Deutsche” (Reprise) – Ilse
    11b. “Nag Nag Nag” (Reprise) – Littlechap, Evie, Susan, Jane & Chorus
    11c. End Act I – Orchestra

    Act II

    11d. Entr’acte – Orchestra
    11e. Interview 5 – Orchestra
    11f. New York Music – Orchestra
    12. “All American” – Ginnie
    12a. “All American” (Reprise) – Ginnie
    12b. Susan’s Wedding – Orchestra
    12c. Interview 6 – Orchestra
    12d. Bari Sax/Tbn Cues – Orchestra
    13. “Once in a Lifetime” – Littlechap & Girl
    14. “Mumbo Jumbo” – Littlechap & Chorus
    14a. “Once in a Lifetime” (Reprise) – Littlechap & Chorus
    14b. Chimes – Orchestra
    15. “Welcome to Sunvale” – Chorus
    16. “Someone Nice Like You” – Evie & Littlechap
    16a. Fanfares / “Someone Nice” (Reprise) – Littlechap  
    17. “What Kind of Fool Am I?” – Littlechap & Chorus  
    17a. Closing Music – Orchestra
    17b. March Out Music – Orchestra

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