Scrooge In Love!

A year after the events of A Christmas Carol, the four ghosts (Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future) return with a new goal: to reunite the new and improved Ebenezer Scrooge with his long-lost first love, Belle. All of Dickens’ familiar characters return in this romantic and festive sequel to the perennial classic.
The charming score, with lyrics by Kellen Blair and music by Larry Grossman (SNOOPY!!!), features the songs “Carol (Like A Person In Love),” “You’re Safe With Me,” “The Hours In Between,” “Happier,” and “You Can’t Put A Price On Love.”

Photos courtesy of 42nd Street Moon, San Francisco, CA

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  • Act I

    Exactly one year after the events of Dickens’ novel, Ebenezer Scrooge is startled from a deep sleep (“Carol: Like A Person In Love”) by the crash of lightning inside his bedroom and the reappearance of Jacob Marley. A terrified Scrooge pleads he’s a changed man since last year’s visit, offering as proof a vision of a party he threw earlier this night (“In Just One Year”). 

    Marley is impressed but points out there’s still something missing in Scrooge’s life. Or, rather, someone. To remedy that, the three ghosts will reappear this Christmas Eve in hopes of putting that final romantic piece in place. 

    The Ghost of Christmas Past, in the guise of a giddy, operatic, Victorian Music Hall chorus girl, is the first to sell Scrooge on the idea (“I Love Love!”). She takes him back to the Fezziwigs’ party of his youth, where Dick Wilkins and the party guests encourage Young Ebenezer to break out of his shell (“A Regular Day”). Young Ebenezer meets and falls under the spell of beautiful Belle Moorpark (“Safe With Me”). But as Ebenezer watches her leave the party with his friend Dick, adult Scrooge questions the choices he made (“The Things You Should Have Done”).

    Next, The Ghost of Christmas Present suggests Scrooge take a more active approach to romantic matters (“Do It Now”), showing him how everyone – including the Cratchit family – is pulling for him (“The Search”). 

    Scrooge stubbornly insists he’s doing fine on his own, until Marley returns to remind his former partner there’s more to life than parties and friends (“The Hours In Between”).

    The ominous Ghost of Christmas Future once again spirits Scrooge away to the graveyard, this time to see a future Belle Moorpark, curiously, weeping at his grave. Filled with conflicting emotions (“Sad I’m Dead”), Scrooge vows to spend Christmas Day seeking out what really happened to his former love.

    Act II

    Scrooge awakens the next morning more optimistic than ever. He declares he is infinitely “Happier” this year and sets off to find Belle. Discovering she never married and has always been in love with him, Scrooge sees his opportunity – but ruins it by falling back on the power of his money. Belle, insulted and exasperated, believes he hasn’t changed after all (“How Did I Survive?”). 

    Rejected, Scrooge bitterly returns to his empty home (“A Kitchen Built For Twenty”). The four ghosts realize Scrooge requires another course correction, so they team up in a rousing music hall-style quartet, including a howling, harmonizing Christmas Future (“You Can’t Put A Price On Love”). Convinced to give it one more try, Scrooge returns to Belle, makes his case (“Safe With Me” Reprise), and finally wins her hand and heart, leading to a Christmas wedding and a bright romantic future (“Finale”).



    Book by Duane Poole
    Music by Larry Grossman
    Lyrics by Kellen Blair

    The title page of the program shall contain the following announcement in type size at least one-half the size of the authors’ credits:

    is presented by arrangement with
    Tams-Witmark, A Concord Theatricals Company

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  • Combo Orchestration


    SCROOGE IN LOVE can also be performed with pre-recorded Performance Tracks. Check with your Licensing Coordinator for details.

  • Rehearsal Materials

    20 Libretto/Vocal Books

    1 Digital link to Rehearsal Tracks (with Vocals)
    1 Digital link to Performance Tracks (accompaniment only)

  • Cast

    9 Male and 6 Female. The doubling and tripling suggested below is encouraged.

          Ebenezer Scrooge: A bit younger than we’ve known him

          Jacob Marley: Scrooge’s former partner

          Ghost of Christmas Past: Female, a bubbly Billie Burke, a Victorian Music Hall showgirl, giddily in love with love

          Ghost of Christmas Present / Businessman: Male, a larger-than-life, boisterous “Gaston” type with an enormous ego / An admirer of Scrooge

          Ghost of Christmas Future / Dick Wilkins / Minister: Cloaked, ominous, nearly silent / Cocky ladies’ man / Man of the Cloth

          Young Scrooge / Father Christmas: Scrooge in his early twenties / Bearded holiday figure

          Young Belle / Older Belle: The love interest, past and present

          Fred / Mr. Fezziwig: Scrooge’s well-to-do nephew / Scrooge’s one-time employer

          Juliana / Mrs. Fezziwig: Fred’s charming wife / Fezziwig’s outgoing life partner

          Bob Cratchit: Former clerk, now partner

          Mrs. Cratchit: Smart, strong

          Tiny Tim: Young, adorable

          Peter / Young Boy: The Cratchits’ older son / The turkey boy

          Martha / Businessman’s Wife / Mabel: The Cratchits’ daughter / Businessman’s wife / Fezziwig’s daughter

          Nora / Maggie: Belle’s child / Fezziwig’s daughter

  • Act I

    1. Overture – Orchestra
    2. Carol (Like A Person In Love) – Ensemble
    3. In Just One Year – Scrooge & Ensemble
    4. Just One Year (Dance) – Orchestra
    5. Big Ben 1 – Orchestra
    6. I Love Love – Ghost of Christmas Past
    7. Belle Cues – Orchestra
    8. Fezziwig Waltz – Orchestra
    9. A Regular Day – Dick & Fezziwig’s Guests
    10. Fezziwig Polka – Orchestra
    11. You’re Safe With Me – Young Scrooge & Young Belle
    12. Fezziwig Polonaise – Orchestra
    13. The Things You Should Have Done – Scrooge
    14. Scene Link – Orchestra
    15. The Things You Should Have Done (Reprise) – Scrooge & Young Scrooge
    16. Big Ben 2 – Orchestra
    17. Street Scene – Orchestra
    18. Do It Now – Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge & Ensemble
    19. Scene Link – Orchestra
    20. The Search – The Cratchit Family
    21. Scene Link – Orchestra
    22. Big Ben 3 – Synthesizer Chime
    23. Marley Turns Back Time – Orchestra
    24. The Hours In Between – Scrooge & Jacob
    25. Big Ben 4 – Orchestra
    26. Sad I’m Dead – Scrooge
    27. Finale Act One – Orchestra

    Act II

    28. Carol (Reprise) – Carolers
    29. Happier – Scrooge & Londoners
    30. Happier Playoff – Orchestra
    31. How Did I Survive? – Belle
    32. A Kitchen Built For Twenty – Scrooge
    33. You Can’t Put A Price On Love – Marley, Scrooge & the Three Ghosts
    34. You Can’t Put A Price On Love (Encore) – Marley, Scrooge & the Three Ghosts
    35. Scene Link – Orchestra
    36. You’re Safe With Me (Reprise) – Scrooge & Belle
    37. Wedding – Orchestra
    38. Finale Ultimo – Entire Ensemble
    39. Bows – Orchestra

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