Leave It To Me!


The plot of LEAVE IT TO ME! follows the antics of a reluctant American ambassador to Stalinist Russia just before the beginning of World War II. The show features such memorable Cole Porter numbers as “Get Out Of Town” and “My Heart Belongs To Daddy.”

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  • Bathtub manufacturer Alonzo P. Goodhue, socially and politically the best horseshoe pitcher in Topeka, Kansas, is appointed U.S. Ambassador to Russia, largely through the manueverings of his ambitious wife. An envious J. H. Brody, publisher of the Paris and Chicago World-Tribune, orders his best correspondent, Buckley Thomas, to see that Goodhue is disgraced and recalled. As it turns out, the unassuming Goodhue is himself anxious to be shipped home, and so he and Thomas join forces. Goodhue delivers an antagonistic speech, kicks the German Ambassador in the belly, and atttempts to assassinate a Prince — and in each case he is proclaimed a hero. Finally, Thomas, realizing that only good deeds go unrewarded, has Goodhue deliver an optimistic speech expressing hope for a unified world. Goodhue is promptly recalled. Other characters include Colette, Thomas’ old flame, and Dolly, an incorrigible flirt.

    Book by Bella and Sam Spewack
    Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

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  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • First Secretary, a young girl
    Second Secretary, a young girl
    Buckley Joyce Thomas, a fast-talking newspaperman
    First Reporter, a young man
    Second Reporter, a young man
    Dolly Winslow, a young attractive night club singer
    J. H. Brody, a tall, middle-aged distinguished poop
    Jerry Grainger, a young diplomat
    Prince Alexander Tomofsky, a middle-aged man; should be Russian, must be able to speak English
    French Conductor, a middle-aged man with accent
    Mrs. Goodhue, a middle-aged woman
    Mrs. Goodhue’s Daughters, five young girls, scaling in ages from 16 years, and must be specialty dancers
    Reporter, a young man
    Photographer, a middle-aged man
    Chauffeur, a young American chauffeur
    Alonzo P. Goodhue, a short middle-aged man
    Secretaries to Mr. Goodhue, all young men and must be specialty dancers
    Colette, a young and pretty newspaper woman
    Kostya, a Russian interpreter and must be able to speak Russian and good English
    Military Attache, a young man
    Naval Attache, a young man
    Secretaries, two young men
    Decorators, two young men
    Peasant, a heavy set middle-aged Russian and must be able to speak English
    Sosanoff, a worker, a Russian Communistic type, and must be able to speak good English
    Waiters, two young men
    German Ambassador, a large, heavy-set man with German accent
    French Ambassador, a distinguished looking man about fory-five, wearing a Van dyke, and with accent
    Litvian Minister, a large heavy-set man, middle-aged and with accent
    Italian Ambassador, a rather distinguished looking man of thirty-five and with accent
    British Ambassador, an elderly looking Englishman
    Mackenzie, a young looking Englishman
    Graustein, a middle-aged Russian with accent and must be able to speak good English
    Folkin, another Russian about the same as Graustein. Doesn’t have to speak lines
    Secretary to Foreign Minister, a young man, no speaking lines
    Foreign Minister, a tall, very distinguished middle-aged Russian and must be able to speak good English
    Stalin, to be made up as an exact replica
    Yogi Ambassador

  • LEAVE IT TO ME! opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre, November 9, 1938. It played for 291 performances starring William Gaxton, Victor Moore, Sophie Tucker and, in her Broadway debut, Mary Martin.

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