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The kingdom and royal family of JUBILEE are fictional, but the show was inspired by the great festivities for the 1935 silver jubilee of King George V of Great Britain. Cole Porter’s great music includes “Begin the Beguine” and “Just One of Those Things.”

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  • The Royal Family of a fictional European country use the threat posed by an impending revolution as an excuse to abandon the throne and pursue their private dreams. The King, the Queen, the Prince and Princess each befriend their favorite celebrities. When the revolutionary threat is revealed to be a hoax, the family members are forced to return to power. However, they manage to incorporate their newfound friends into their royal lives.


    Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

    Book by Moss Hart

    Orchestrations and Vocal Arrangements by Larry Moore

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  • Full Orchestration

    1 Violin A (2 volumes)
    1 Violin B (2 volumes)
    1 Violin C
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass

    1 Reed I: Piccolo & Flute
    1 reed II: Oboe & Cor Anglais
    1 Reed III: B-flat Clarinet, E-flat Clarinet & Alto Saxophone
    1 Reed IV: B-flat Clarinet, Flute & Alto Saxophone
    1 Reed V: B-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone

    1 Trumpet I
    2 Trumpet II & III
    1 Trombone (Tenor with Bass attachment)

    2 Percussion I & II (2 volumes each):
    Trap Set Drums, Triangle, Wood Block, Cowbell, Tambourine, Bell Tree, Bells (Glockenspiel),
    Marimba, Vibraphone, Chimes (Tubular Bells), Timpani (2 or 3), Tam-Tam, Temple Blocks & Castanets.

    1 Guitar & Banjo
    1 Harp (2 volumes)
    1 Piano & Celeste (2 volumes)

    Piano-Conductor’s Score (3 volumes) sent with rehearsal material.

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • The Royal Family:
    The King
    The Queen
    Prince James
    Princess Diana
    Prince Peter
    Prince Rudolph, a cousin

    Lord Wyndham – the Prime Minister
    Eric Dare – the nation’s most celebrated playwright, composer, adventurer
    Eva Standing – the celebrated party-giver
    Karen O’Kane – a singer
    Charles Rausmiller – Olympic swimmer and actor who plays “Mowgli” in films

  • JUBILEE opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre, October 12, 1935 and played for 169 performances starring Melville Cooper and Mary Boland as the King and Queen and featuring Montgomery Clift as Prince Peter.

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