CINDY is an adaptation of the classic Cinderella story, set in New York City in the mid-1960s.

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  • CINDY has a Cinderella theme, only in this instance, Cindy is one of three daughters of the Krellers, who own a Jewish delicatessen in downtown Manhattan in 1964.

    The Krellers are ambitious for their other daughters to marry, but not particularly so for Cindy. When their rich friends the Ros­enfelds spon­sor a charity ball at The Plaza for the Keep Israel Green Fund, Cindy is left behind to attend to the groceries. But an admirer of Cindy’s, whose aunt works a night shift in the garment center, borrows a dress and makes it possible for her to attend. At the ball, Cindy wins an original oil painting by Mrs. Rosenfeld because her foot fits a slipper — not glass, just plain doe skin.

    But this Cinderella story has a bit of a twist. Although Cindy meets her prince — in the person of the Rosenfeld boy who is study­ing to be a doctor — she chucks him for a local ad­mirer.

    Music and Lyrics by Johnny Brandon
    Book by Joe Sauter and Mike Sawyer
    Based on an idea by Johnny Brandon and Stuart Wiener
    Originally directed and choreographed by Marvin Gordon
    Originally produced for the New York stage by Stuart Wiener

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  • Combo Instrumentation

    1 Bass
    1 Percussion
    Piano (Piano/Conductor Score sent with perusal material)

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Cindy Kreller: Almost eighteen. Pert, tomboyish, very cute.

    Lucky: Twenty or so. Great charm and sympathy with a touch of wistful sadness and gentle humor. Any ethnic background.

    Irving Kreller: Cindy’s Papa. Gentle with a sense of humor, surrounded on all sides by females. Slight Jewish accent which tends to grow heavier every now and then. Fifties.

    Zelda Kreller: Cindy’s stepmother. Strong, agile, tends to be shrewish. The leader of the family. Fifties.

    Golda Kreller: Cindy’s stepsister. Short, plump. Late twenties. Who should contrast strongly with…

    Della Kreller: Cindy’s other stepsister. Tall and thin. Acid-tongued. Both anxious to find husbands though their prospects are slight.

    Chuck Rosenfeld: Very handsome and charming. Around 22.

    David Rosenfeld: Chuck’s father. In his fifties. A warm, friendly man who hasn’t forgotten his humble origins regardless of his wealth. A definite Jewish feel to his personality.

    Ruth Rosenfeld: Chuck’s mother. Elegant, well-groomed, far more sophisticated and “social” than her husband. Fifties.

    Girl Storyteller: A very important role for a dancer, singer, comedienne, who comments on the show, is in charge of changing scenes and doubles as “The Good Fairy.” Any ethnic background.

    2 Boy Storytellers: Her agile singing and dancing assistants. Any ethnic background.

    Note: To simplify directions, STORYTELLERS are referred to in the book as “GIRL,” “BOY 1 and BOY 2.”

  • CINDY opened Off-Broadway at the Gate Theatre, March 19, 1964, starring Jacqueline Mayo as the title character.

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