Acclaimed for its magic, simplicity, and compassion, CARNIVAL is a bittersweet fairy tale about a naïve French girl infatuated with a troubled puppeteer in a traveling show. Based on the 1953 film Lili, CARNIVAL boasts a charming Bob Merrill score, including the hit song “Love Makes The World Go Round.”

Music samples provided courtesy of Universal Music and Sony/ATV

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  • Act I

    A lone figure, Jacquot, appears on an empty stage and begins playing a concertina (“Opening: Love Makes The World Go Round”). Gradually, several roustabouts enter and begin setting up a traveling carnival, complete with colorful banners and bright costumes (“Direct From Vienna”). Lili, a wide-eyed orphan, enters, seeking a job with the carnival (“A Very Nice Man”). Narrowly escaping the sexual advances of Gobert, the souvenir salesman, Lili instead grows enchanted by Marco the Magnificent, the show’s handsome and confident magician.

    Meanwhile, Paul Berthalet, a lonely and bitter puppeteer, prepares a lifeless and uninspired act. A former dancer, he suffered a leg injury in the war and had to forsake his dancing career. Schlegel, the carnival manager, hates the act and promptly fires him. Paul’s assistant, Jacquot, hopes to smooth things over, but Paul realizes something must change (“I’ve Got to Find a Reason”).

    Lili, initially dismissed by Paul, tells Paul and Jacquot that she’s come a long way from the tiny town of “Mira” and longs to live a grand life. When Marco returns from the parade, he invites Lili to his trailer (“A Sword And A Rose And A Cape”). Rosalie, Marco’s longtime mistress and assistant, wonders whether Marco is having an affair behind her back (“Humming”).

    Marco offers Lili a job in his magic show and she excitedly accepts (“Yes, My Heart”). Meanwhile, Jacquot convinces Paul to stay with the carnival. Paul weighs his bitter melancholy against the joy of the smiling puppets (“Everyone Likes You”). At the magic show, unable to keep her enthusiasm under control, Lili ruins one of Marco’s magic tricks and Schlegel fires her (“Magic, Magic”). Despite the mishap, the rest of the carnival goes on without a hitch (“Tanz Mit Mir”/”Carnival Ballet”).

    Humiliated, Lili attempts a suicidal jump from the acrobat’s ladder, but she is stopped by a small redheaded puppet named Carrot Top. Lili soon meets the three other puppets: Horrible Henry, Marguerite, and Reynardo the Fox. Lili comforts Horrible Henry (“Love Makes the World Go ‘Round”) and joins the puppet act. Though she pities the puppets, Lili still harbors romantic feelings for Marco. As she sets off with Jacquot to arrange her lodgings, Paul emerges from behind the puppet booth, and Marco taunts him: “Poor old Carrot Top… she loves me.”

    Act II

    The puppet act becomes a hit with Lili, who does not realize who they really are (“Yum Ticky”/”The Rich”/”Love Makes the World Go ‘Round”/”Beautiful Candy”). Paul curses his obsession with Lili (“Her Face”), denying any feelings of love. As Paul, he treats her with increasing cruelty, but he is compassionate and charming through his four alter egos. The carnival grows in popularity, and Jacquot predicts it’ll soon be “The Grand Impérial Cirque De Paris.”

    In the morning, Paul stops Marco and Lili just before they kiss. In rehearsal with Lili, Paul expresses his jealousy through verbal abuse. Correcting Lili’s every move, Paul stumbles and falls. Lili breaks down and suddenly, Paul kisses her. Lili, shocked, angry, and confused about Paul’s feelings, decides to leave the carnival. Separately, Paul and Lili grapple with their conflicted emotions (“I Hate Him”/”Her Face” Reprise).

    The next day, the circus travels to a new town (“The Grand Impérial Cirque De Paris”/”Direct from Vienna” Reprises). Rosalie threatens to leave Marco, but they pledge their love to each other and decide to run away and start their own show (“Always, Always You”). Secretly, Marco tells Lili he is leaving the circus and asks her to join him. Despite her knowledge of Marco’s womanizing ways, Lili frantically accepts. When Paul objects, Marco insults him, and the two men fight. Lili screams out her hatred for Paul and he strikes her. Lili runs off, and Paul finally confesses “She’s My Love.” Jacquot, infuriated, tells Paul that he made Lili grow up, teaching her the world is full of cruelty and not of love.

    Lili says goodbye to Marco, realizing she’d been living a little girl’s dream and she must move forward with her life. Marco, impressed with Lili’s newfound maturity, lets her go. Carrot Top and Horrible Henry appear and ask Lili to take them with her. She sees the puppets are trembling, and lifts the puppets off to discover they have been Paul all along. Paul bitterly confesses his love for her, throwing the puppets to the ground. Lili, beginning to understand the shame and kindness in Paul, gently retrieves the puppets. Lili and Paul embrace, and together, they set off to follow the carnival.

    Music and Lyrics by Bob Merrill
    Book by Michael Stewart
    Based on Material by Helen Deutsch
    Original production directed and
    choreographed by Gower Champion
    Produced for the Broadway Stage by David Merrick

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  • Choose either Full Orchestration or Combo Instrumentation

    Full Orchestration

    2 Violins AB
    1 Violin C
    1 Cello
    1 Bass & Tuba

    1 Reed I: Flute & Piccolo
    1 Reed II: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet & Alto Sax
    1 Reed III: Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax
    1 Reed IV: Oboe, Clarinet & Tenor Sax
    1 Reed V: Clarinet, Bassoon & Baritone Sax

    1 Horn
    2 Trumpets I & II
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II

    2 Percussion I & II:

    Timpani (2)
    Snare Drum (Brushes & Sticks)
    Bass Drum
    Tom Tom
    Suspended Cymbal (Soft & Hard Mallets)
    Tam Tam
    Bells (Soft & Hard Mallets)
    Triangles (2 sizes)
    Wood Block
    Cow Bell
    Slide Whistle

    1 Harp
    1 Guitar – Mandolin
    1 Accordion (and stage Concertina)

    Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.
    (There is no Piano in the orchestration.)

    Combo Instrumentation

    2 Violins AB
    1 Violin C
    1 Bass

    1 Reed I: Flute, Piccolo & Clarinet & Alto Sax
    1 Reed II: Flute, Clarinet & Alto Sax
    1 Reed III: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Sax

    2 Trumpets I & II
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II

    2 Percussion I & II:

    Timpani (2)
    Snare Drum (Brushes & Sticks)
    Bass Drum
    Tom Tom
    Suspended Cymbal (Soft & Hard Mallets)
    Hi-Hat Cymbals
    Tam Tam
    Bells (Soft & Hard Mallets)
    Triangle (2 sizes)
    Wood Block
    Cow Bell
    Slide Whistle

    1 Accordion (and stage Concertina)

    Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.

  • Rehearsal Materials

    2       Piano/Conductor Scores
    20     Libretto/Vocal Books

  • (In order of Appearance)

    Four Roustabouts
    B.F. Schlegel
    The Incomparable Rosalie
    Marco The Magnificent
    Princess Olga
    Gladys Zuwicki
    Gloria Zuwicki
    Greta Schlegel
    Paul Berthalet
    First Card Girl
    Dr. Glass

    Harem Girls, Strong-Man, Aerialist, Clowns, Dwarf, Wardrobe Women, Gypsies, etc.

  • CARNIVAL! played for 719 performances on Broadway at the Imperial and Winter Garden Theatres starring Anna Maria Alberghetti.

    Awards (1962)

    2 Tony Awards for Actress and Scenic Designer
    The New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical
    The Outer Circle Critics Award for Creative Contributions to the Season

  • Act I

    1. Carnival Opening: “Direct from Vienna” – Rosaline, Chorus, & Schlegel
    2. “Very Nice Man” – Lili
    3. Nice Man Tag – Orchestra
    4. Carnival Theme: “Fairyland” – Carrot Top
    5. “I’ve Got To Find A Reason” – Paul
    6. Before Mira – Orchestra
    6a. “Mira” – Lili
    7. Return Parade – Orchestra
    8. “A Sword And A Rose And A Cape” – Marco & Roustabouts
    8a. Sword Incidental – Orchestra
    8b. Sword Playoff – Orchestra
    8c. Scene Change – Orchestra
    9. “Humming” – Rosalie & Schlegel
    9a. Scene Change – Orchestra
    10. “Yes, My Heart” – Lili & Men
    11. Heart Playoff – Orchestra
    12. “Everybody Likes You” – Paul
    13. Juggler’s Routine – Orchestra
    14. “Magic Magic” – Rosalie, Marco, & Lili
    15. “Carnival Ballet” – Girls, Orchestra, & Lili
    16. “Golden Delicious” – Lili, Horrible Henry, & Carrot Top
    17. Theme Reprise Tag – Lili
    18. Finale Act I – Orchestra

    Act II

    19. Opening Act II (Part One) – Marguerite, Renardo, Horrible Henry, Carrot Top, Lili
    20. Opening Act II (Part Two) – Lili, Carrot Top. & Horrible Henry
    21. Opening Act II (Part Three) – Lili & Puppets
    22. Opening Act II (part Four) – Lili, Puppets, & Chorus
    23. Candy Tag – Chorus
    24. Magic Underscore – Orchestra
    25. “Her Face” – Paul
    26. “Cirque De Paris Ballet” – Jacquot
    27. Paris Playoff – Orchestra
    28. “I Hate Him” – Lili & Paul
    29. “Paris” Reprise – Chorus
    30. “Always, Always You” – Rosalie & Marco
    31. Reprise: “Always You” – Rosalie
    32. “She’s My Love” – Paul
    33. Marco’s Exit – Orchestra
    34. Finale Ultimo – Orchestra
    35. Bows – Orchestra
    36. Exit Music – Orchestra

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