ON THE TOWN Returns To Broadway


ON THE TOWN opened on Broadway October 16th to a chorus of praise.  The New York Times describes the revival as “jubilant”, the New York Daily News proclaims it “feels like a big, juicy kiss” and the Wall Street Journal declares that it is “everything a great show should be…. Anyone who isn’t thrilled by this tinglingly well-staged production needs a heart transplant.”

The book and lyrics, written by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, remain as relevant today as they were when ON THE TOWN made its original Broadway premier in 1944.  “[T]he show is a mix of ballet, opera, jazz and musical-theater styles, as well as silliness and wistfulness. It was the original mash-up.”  (Associated Press).

Director John Rando has eschewed the impulse to modernize this theatrical gem and has instead been “unapologetic in presenting the old-fashioned material at face value, playing even the silliest routines with a mostly light touch and injecting the whole dizzy narrative with an air of yearning romance” (The Hollywood Reporter).

And of course, throughout it all, Leonard Bernstein’s iconic score “belongs equally to heaven  and earth. It is by turns jazzy (“I Can Cook, Too”), parodistic (“Carried Away”) and jaunty (“Lucky to Be Me”). And then, with an uplift that takes your breath away, it flies up into an empyrean where sexual itches are transformed into great romantic love and a concrete-hard city feels as soft as a bed of clouds.”  (The New York Times).

Get your tickets today to see this hot new revival of a Broadway classic, or contact Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. to stage your own production in your school or theatre.