The Gershwins’ NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT is a hit with high schools

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NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, one of the newest additions to the Tams-Witmark catalog, is a raucous throwback to an era of classic musicals. Featuring some of the Gershwins’ finest songs, laugh-out-loud comedy, and spectacular dance numbers, NICE WORK is an exciting new option for high school theatres.

Tams-Witmark  has spent the last couple of months speaking to schools about their experiences presenting NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, chandelier swinging and all, and we have been thrilled by the feedback.

“It’s a fantastic show,” said drama teacher Phil Johnson at Brighton High School in Michigan. “I’m still listening to the music weeks after the show has closed… and I don’t usually do that.” We’re not surprised – NICE WORK contains many of the Gershwins’ most immortal numbers, from the elegant ballad “Someone To Watch Over Me” to the toe-tapping dance sequence “ ‘S Wonderful.”

The plot is no less timeless: a tale of Jazz-Age bootleggers, gold-diggers, and mischief-makers, the story bubbles with a vintage charm that appeals to older and younger audiences alike.  As Stephanie Fluharty of Virginia’s Cape Henry Collegiate School told us, NICE WORK “has the best script I ever dealt with. It feels contemporary and classic at the same time… I had an audience with pre-K students and senior citizens and they all loved it.”


Scott Schauman of New York’s Canandaigua Academy agreed: “It was one of my favorite shows in the 25 years that I’ve been doing this – and it was my kids’ favorite, too. The script is hilarious; it feels fresh, and a contemporary audience can really connect to it.”

NICE WORK boasts a large cast overflowing with juicy roles: a mix of leading men and women, a sturdy supporting cast, and a rambunctious chorus keeping it all afloat. “There are so many characters,” said Regina Darling of New York’s Penfield High School, “which made it possible to give out speaking parts to all the students that were ready for them.”  And the opportunities extend beyond actors and singers; schools with student musicians, choreographers and designers told us what an exciting and fulfilling challenge NICE WORK presented for all student participants.

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Most important of all is the delight it provides an audience.  “I got emails from audience members telling me that they had never laughed so hard in their life,” said Stephanie Fluharty. In Georgia, West Forsyth High School’s Eric Gray got more than just emails: “We had standing ovations every night,” he told us. “We made more money on this show than any other show during my tenure.”

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT is the next smash hit for your school and “you can get it” from Tams-Witmark.  Please visit the show page or give us a call to request a copy of the script and score and a royalty/rental quotation.