GREAT NEWS: Performance Tracks Now Available!

MT Pit Performance TracksTams-Witmark is thrilled to announce that The MT Pit is authorized to provide performance and rehearsal tracks for select Tams shows. These tracks are available as an alternative orchestration for licensed Tams productions.

So, if your theatre or school is unable to use live musicians, you can now present your show with professional, authorized, prerecorded accompaniment! Plus, if you choose to use performance and rehearsal tracks through The MT Pit, you will not be charged a rental fee or shipping fee for orchestrations from Tams-Witmark.

The MT Pit is the premier Broadway instrumental track library, providing world-class tracks for theatres and educational institutions. Every track from The MT Pit is recorded live using top-notch professional musicians for a full, rich, natural sound.

  • Performance tracks contain the entire orchestration, from beginning to end, including instrumental interludes.
  • Every musical instrument written in the orchestration is played on the recording.
  • Rehearsal tracks also feature the entire orchestration.
  • Rehearsal tracks include a “watermark” voice every 40 seconds, to remind listeners that these tracks are intended for rehearsal use only.

Performance and rehearsal tracks from The MT Pit are currently authorized for the following Tams shows:

More shows to come! We’ll update you as additional titles become authorized.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our helpful customer service staff at 1-800-221-7196.