110 IN THE SHADE Revised Version Now Available

Bogart in 110 In The Shade

Tams-Witmark is proud to announce that the Revised Version of 110 IN THE SHADE, based on the Signature Theatre’s intimate 2003 production, is now available for licensing for amateur and professional theatres.  According to Ben Brantley of the New York Times, the Revised Version “makes a case for ‘110’ as one of the most purely organic musicals ever, a fine-grained, late blooming cousin to mid-20th-century masterworks… You start to appreciate the emotional intensity of what is sounding more and more like Mr. Schmidt’s best score… It seems unlikely that any previous production could have elicited the distinctive virtues of ‘110’ quite as affectingly as this one does.”

The Revised Version is the result of meticulous edits and additions carried out by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, the show’s original composer and lyricist respectively.  It includes a new orchestration, a new musical number and the revival of a musical number that was cut during the Broadway version’s tryouts.  The Revised Version reduces many of the logistical hurdles to presenting this classic work of musical theatre by only requiring a cast of 13 instead of the original 38 and an orchestra of 10 instead of the original 23.  Combined with relatively simple set requirements, these changes will make it possible for all theatres to finally stage this classic show.

110 IN THE SHADE is adapted from N. Richard Nash’s 1954 play THE RAINMAKER and it tells the story of Lizzie Curry, a spinster living in a drought plagued farm town and Starbuck, the smooth talking con-man who promises he can bring relief to the drought-stricken area. The original Broadway production opened in 1963 and ran for 330 performances at the Broadhurst Theatre. Visit the show page to learn more about this version and get your quote and perusal materials today.