Tams e-scripts: Digital Perusal Scripts

e-scripts musicalsTams e-scripts is a digital script perusal tool for your mobile device. This user-friendly e-reader brings you a digital edition of every available title in our extensive collection.

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Convenient and easy to use, Tams e-scripts allows you to peruse the scripts of your choice — right from your smartphone or tablet. With simple navigation and clear legible text, Tams e-scripts will help you choose the musical that best suits your needs. No more waiting for mail to arrive, and no fees for shipping!

Tams e-scripts is accessible from Android and iOS phones and tablets.(Not accessible from desktop computers.) Here’s an example of what you’d see on an iPad:

iPad Screenshot2 e-scripts musicalsSelect any title(s) from our catalog, which you can access for three months from three separate devices. You may choose as many titles as you wish.

NOTE: You can request up to three “e-script” digital perusal scripts for $16. If you require hard copy perusal scripts or scores, you can request them by emailing theatre@rnh-tams.com. There is an additional shipping and handling fee for hard copy perusal books.

To use Tams e-scripts:

  1. Download the Tams e-scripts app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Call us at (800) 221-7196 or (212) 688-2525 for your unlock code.
  3. Enter your unlock code and begin perusing your scripts!


The show(s) you’ve selected will appear in your “Available Scripts” menu. Here’s an example, in smartphone view. (Your menu may include more or fewer titles.)

e-scripts musicals iPhone Screenshot1

Sample menu in phone view

Once you’ve signed up with Tams e-scripts, you may wish to extend your perusal period, read additional scripts, or increase the number of accessible devices. Simply contact our friendly customer service staff and we’ll be happy to help you.

And once you’ve selected your show, call us at (800) 400-8160 or (212) 564-4000 and we’ll help you place your order.

Note: All materials contained in Tams e-scripts are for reading and evaluation purposes only, and are not to be used for performance. Scripts are non-printable and cannot be transferred to another format. Scripts only, no scores. If you would like to have scores sent to you on perusal by the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx, please click “ORDER READING COPIES” on our homepage.