TAMS REHEARSAL AID — Custom Tempo Marks

Selection Palette

Tams Rehearsal Aid is a powerful piece of software designed to help you rehearse your show. It is easy to use, and most customers don’t need to use any of its advanced features.

The default tempos in a Tams Rehearsal Aid score can be overridden by tapping out your own tempo on the computer keyboard or an attached MIDI keyboard. On rare occasions, however you may want to insert a tempo mark for use in Auto Play (space bar playback):

  • From the Entry Palette (the rightmost area of the toolbar, pictured above), select the “Metronome Mark” tool (bottom row third).
  • Click at the point in the score where you want to add tempo mark. A text box appears — it has the default tempo of quarter note = 90, written as “q=90” (no spaces around the “=”).
  • Enter the desired tempo using the same syntax. If you need different beat note durations in your tempo mark, use “e” for eighth note; “h” for half note; “w” for whole note; or “s” for sixteenth note. For compound meters, add a “d” (for “dot”) to the duration: in 6/8, for example, where the beat note is a dotted quarter, the tempo mark, at 84 beats per minute, would be “qd=84”. When you are finished entering your tempo, press Return to exit the tempo text box.
  • You can add words like “Fast” or “Allegro” to a tempo mark too, but the mark should always end with the metronome mark: “Moderato (q=72)”, for example.
  • You can edit your tempo by choosing the “Select Items” tool (the arrow, top row left in the Entry Palette) and double-clicking on the tempo mark.
  • If you haven’t done so already, select Save As… from the File menu, to save your edited score with a new name.