Selection Palette

Tams Rehearsal Aid is a powerful piece of software designed to help you rehearse your show. It is easy to use, and most customers don’t need to use any of its advanced features.

But what if you need to repeat a chunk of music that doesn’t have repeat marks? You can add a custom repeat — just follow these instructions:

  • From the Entry Palette (the rightmost area of the toolbar, pictured above), select the “Begin Repeat” tool (top row third).
  • Click on the barline in the score where you want your repeat to begin. The barline changes to a forward repeat sign (||:).
  • From the Entry Palette, select the “End Repeat” tool (top row fourth), navigate to the spot where you want to end your repeat and click on the barline. It changes to a backward repeat sign (:||)
  • Press Escape to return to Play mode and test your new repeat. When you are satisfied with it, select Save As… from the File menu, and save your edited score with a new name, if you haven’t done so already.
  • To remove a repeat mark, use the Selection arrow (top row left in the Entry Palette), click on the repeat mark (it turns yellow) and press Delete/Backspace.
  • If you want the repeated music to play more than twice, choose the Selection arrow and double-click on the ending repeat mark. A text box appears above the mark.
  • Custom repeat

  • Enter the total number of times you want to hear the music, then press Return to exit the text box. In the example above, you will hear the first measure 8 times before the playback continues with the second measure.