Strouse & Adams Remember Bye Bye Birdie [VIDEO]

In 1958 the theatrical producer Edward Padula began to audition songwriting teams for a new musical satirizing American teen age pop culture.  He ended up selecting a young composer just out of music school by the name of Charles Strouse and almost as young lyricist named Lee Adams.  It was Strouse’s first professional musical and it was only Adams’ second.  The show that they came up with, along with book writer Michael Stewart, was called Bye Bye Birdieand it went on to win the Tony award for Best Musical, launch both of their careers, and invent the modern rock musical.  Bye Bye Birdie was the beginning of one of the greatest songwriting teams in Broadway history and we recently caught up with Strouse and Adams to learn a bit more about the show that started it all.




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Strouse & Adams on Applause


Strouse & Adams on Bring Back Birdie


Strouse & Adams on It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Superman!