ANYTHING GOES Sparkles in New Danish Production

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016 ANYTHING GOES, the effervescent musical concoction from Cole Porter, remains bubbly as ever in a glorious new production in Copenhagen, Denmark. The current production at Det Ny Teater (The New Theater) opened on September 22, 2016, and marks the Danish premiere of the landmark musical.

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016

Silas Holst and Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl

Directed by Thomas Bendixen and starring Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl as Reno and Silas Holst as Billy, this ANYTHING GOES will continue to wow Danish audiences through December 18th.

The production features Cole Porter’s legendary score, with Porter’s lyrics and the book by P.G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse (with additional dialogue by Timothy Crouse and John Weidman) translated into Danish by Jesper Malmose (dialogue) and Karen Hoffman (lyrics). Per Engström serves as musical director.

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016Critics have been unanimous in their praise. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“ANYTHING GOES works all the way: set, design, choreography, music, dance, and lyrics.” -Lonnie Kjer, BT

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016

Rikke Hvidbjerg and Preben Kristensen

“Det Ny Teater demonstrates that the musical genre is alive and well… Cole Porter’s silly musical farce about an American boat on the Atlantic entertains in grand style.” – Knud Cornelius, Frederiksborg Amtsavis

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016“ANYTHING GOES is overflowing with zest. You cannot help noticing how the performers are enjoying themselves brilliantly– It has a contagious effect.” – Klaus Lynggaard, Information

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016

Silas Holst & Company

“Spectacular song and dance numbers with fantastic choreography, overwhelming costumes and a truly breathtaking energy.” – K.E. Walktz, Lollan-Falsters-Folkentidende

Anything Goes, Det Ny Teater 09/2016

Rikke Hvidbjerg & Sailors

“Everything comes together on a higher level in ANYTHING GOES. The music is swinging, the songs are catchy, and the dancing is outstanding. At the same time, it’s the funniest musical we have seen to date.” – Tonny & Claus Bønløkke Hertz

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016“A cornucopia of song and dance” – Lars Wellenberg, Børsen

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016

Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl

“The story is beautiful nonsense. Director Thomas Bendixen knows the style to perfection, because he danced it himself (in fact, excellently) in his young days in CRAZY FOR YOU at Det Ny Teater. Bendixen manages to keep the balance all the way, and he gets excellent support from the set and costume designer, Paul Farnsworth. I doubt if Det Ny Teater has ever staged a more attractive and lavish production.” – CPHculture

Anything Goes Det Ny Teater 09/2016Clearly, this production of ANYTHING GOES is The Top! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of ANYTHING GOES at Det Ny Teater!

All photos courtesy of Det Ny Teater, 2016.