42ND STREET Gets The Royal Treatment in UK Production

42nd Street UK MusicalsThe UK is abuzz with Tams-Witmark shows! With critically-acclaimed productions of FUNNY GIRL, DREAMGIRLS and THE LIFE currently thrilling UK audiences, 42ND STREET opened last night at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. The show’s opening night was a fundraiser for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice (EACH), hosted by The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and audiences were thrilled.

42nd Street UK MusicalsHere’s what the critics had to say:

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph: ★★★★★

An American classic right royally revived! I loved it in the way one can’t help loving achingly beautiful things. It has tremendous spirit… Hats off to the principals… But the garlands belong to the ensemble, dancing on the spot as if gliding on ice.”

42nd Street UK MusicalsAnn Treneman, The Times: ★★★★★

Dizzyingly good… Sheena Easton shines in an utterly moreish extravaganza of glitz… This is an old-fashioned glamour musical that keeps on giving when others would have called it quits. Every female leg, dressed in fishnet tights, is poised at exactly the right angle. Every behatted head is tipped just so. The costumes are sequins, glitter, silk and satin. There is an entire ostrich farm of feathers on stage. The tap dancing by the ensemble of 40(!) is extraordinary… The music, by Harry Warren with lyrics by Al Dubin, includes some of the best tunes in showbiz, including ‘Lullaby of Broadway,’ ‘We’re in the Money,’ ‘Shuffle Off to Buffalo,’ ‘I Only Have Eyes for You,’ not to mention ’42nd Street’ itself.”

42nd Street UK MusicalsQuentin Lett, The Daily Mail: ★★★★

“From the opening moments of 42nd Street you know you are in for a good night… Here is London’s second big American-throwback musical in a month and it is another winner… The chorus line is enormous – the producers must have invested a fortune.”

42nd Street UK MusicalsDom O’Hanlon, London Theatre: ★★★★

“Infectious musical theatre joy of the highest calibre… careful yet constantly surprising… Its charm is effortless and effervescent and this leave-your-troubles-at-the-door attitude is the production’s greatest asset. I defy anyone to leave the theatre without a smile on your face. Easton brings a glamour and radiance to the role… boasting a tremendous set of pipes… Clare Halse is a delight to watch as Peggy Sawyer… but the show itself belongs to the hoofers.”

42nd Street UK MusicalsAlice Saville, Time Out London: ★★★★

Dazzlingly lavish and bright… A spectacular revival for the glitzy American musical classic… Helmed by Broadway director Mark Bramble, 42ND STREET is as American as a McDonald’s apple pie, a steaming, golden spectacle of showbiz glamour… the wisecracking book… is full of bitter, sharp-eyed one-liners… And then, between the jokes, there are songs, songs, songs… But most of all, this show socks you over the head with good old-fashioned spectacle.”

42nd Street UKCongratulations to the cast and crew! For more information about the West End Production, visit the show’s home page.

For more information about licensing 42ND STREET for your theatre or school, visit Tams-Witmark’s 42ND STREET page.