FASHION ACADEMY: An Interview With the Creators

FASHION ACADEMY, a one-hour pop/rock musical for family audiences, is now available for licensing from Tams-Witmark. The show, set at the fictional Fashion Academy of Brooklyn (FAB) Middle School, is a musical tale of finding one’s voice and not being afraid to use it. We caught up with the show’s creators, co-book writer Sheryl Berk and co-book writer/composer/lyricist Sabrina Chap, to discuss musical theatre, fashion, and middle school. Read More

Working in Musical Theatre: Inspiration

Participating in musicals gave me confidence to delve in to the world of words. Scripts, lyrics, and interpretations of the language on the page were my fodder. So how were others in the performing arts bolstered or influenced by musical theatre? I called a few friends in the business to ask them. Read More

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